Memory Box


Personal Project


Design, Development


October 2023


Python, 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, ESP-32, Linux

Memory Box

I built a custom Memory Box for my son, combining woodworking and technology to create a unique keepsake. This box features an e-paper display that rotates photos throughout the day, a fingerprint scanner for personalized photo retrieval, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W running a full Linux operating system.

The project began with an ESP-32 prototype but transitioned to a Raspberry Pi for better handling of the fingerprint-based photo tagging system. The final design includes a Python script for memory uploads, battery management for portability, and 3D-printed components to integrate all parts seamlessly.

This project involved hardware integration, 3D printing, and software development, showcasing my ability to blend different technologies to create innovative, personalized solutions.

I wrote a technical blog post about this project, which you can read here.

I also made a YouTube video on this for fun. If you're interested, you can find it below.

The finished Memory Box
The electronics enclosures for the underside of the lid
The electronics enclosures for the underside of the lid
The software is able to load images on the box