I designed and developed a Windows app that combines patient grip strength data with electrode readings to inform deep-brain stimulation settings.






April 2023


C#, WinUI 3


I designed and developed the DynoReader application for Windows, a critical tool for assessing patients undergoing deep-brain stimulation therapy. The application presents visual cues prompting the patient to squeeze a dynamometer, measuring their grip strength and ability to maintain force within a specified target range. This data is then seamlessly integrated and reported to the BrainVision software, which reads electrical signals from electrodes attached to the patient's head.

The combination of the patient's performance data from DynoReader and the electrode readings from BrainVision provides valuable insights for healthcare providers. This integrated data helps determine the optimal settings for the patient's deep-brain stimulation implants, ensuring personalized and effective treatment.

The development of DynoReader required a robust understanding of both software design and the specific needs of medical device integration, ultimately enhancing the precision and effectiveness of deep-brain stimulation therapy.