Cognition Chronicle

Posted on March 28, 2024 by Mike Buss

Cognition Chronicle

Project Overview

Description: Cognition Chronicle is a platform designed to help identify dementia signs early, leveraging interactive tests and assessments. This tool is pivotal for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, offering insights into cognitive health and potentially reversible causes of cognitive decline.

This platform consists of a website frontend, backend, and mobile application.


  • Provide an accessible platform for early dementia sign detection.
  • Facilitate timely intervention and care planning.

My Role

Position and Responsibilities: As a Principal Software Engineer at Qr8 Health, I spearheaded the app's concept development, design, and implementation.

My role encompassed coding the mobile application and the website frontend. I worked closely with another developer, who wrote the backend software and sections of the mobile application.

Skills Utilized: iOS development (Swift, Xcode), React, UI/UX design.

High level overview of the design I created for Cognition Chronicle
High level overview of the design I created for Cognition Chronicle

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges: It was critical to ensure patients of all ages could utilize the app without oversight from a clinician. This required the app to be highly intuitive and accessible, accommodating various technological literacy and cognitive abilities.


  • Tutorial and Practice Mode: A tutorial and practice mode were introduced at the start of the test, allowing users to familiarize themselves with how it works without the pressure of being assessed. This helps build confidence in using the app independently.

Results and Impact

Outcomes: Cognition Chronicle has become a pivotal tool in early dementia detection, contributing to the identification of reversible cognitive impairment causes. Its deployment has empowered users to seek timely medical advice and intervention.

Personal Impact: This project has significantly enhanced my iOS and React development skills and given me invaluable insights into healthcare application design, particularly in addressing sensitive issues like dementia.

Technologies Used

Programming Languages and Tools: Swift, Xcode, SwiftData for local data management. React for frontend development.

Due to privacy and confidentiality, no real patient information is presented in any of the following visuals.

Patient names are all fictional and generated for testing purposes.
When you're designing an app all day, sometimes it boosts team morale to throw in a funny screen here and there.

Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Reflecting on this project, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between technology and healthcare professionals became evident, highlighting the potential for tech solutions to address critical health challenges. Future updates will focus on adding additional cognitive tests to expand the app's utility and reach.

For more information on Cognition Chronicle or to discuss potential collaborations, please reach out via email. Let's explore how we can leverage technology to make a meaningful impact in healthcare together.